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June 14, 2013

Matnog, Sorsogon (Underwater cave Lagoon)

I always equate summer season to seein' almost everyone pictures a white sandy beach, island hopping escapade, colorful flip flops, girls in bikinis, sexy sun-kissed skin, turquoise seas, etcetera. Though it may look like every day is summer here, as this is one of the tropical countries in Asia, the real summer season in Pinas starts in March and ends in May is really something that locals and tourists look forward to.

This 2013, LLatuagon's welcomed summer in Kwebang Lampas in Pagbilao Quezon and  we ended the season by visiting another kweba/cave.If i was impressed by kwebang lampas,well I was blown away by Matnog's secret paradise. A cave hidding a secret paradise.

past 3pm,when our boatman fetch us at Subic Beach.as I packed some of our things, I heard kaloy and wawoy talking to the boatman and confirming our itinerary regarding that elusive cave(lagoon).I was delighted when I heard that before we head home, we will see the lagoon and check it if we will be able to take a dip and explore it.

According to our boatman, swimming to the lagoon and exploring the cave is only possible if it's low-tide. seriously,im not expecting anything about the underwater cave lagoon,haven't read about it from my fellow bloggers. and yeah i've got this thing of not expecting much. :)

Aboard the motorized banca from subic beach, were ecstatic for our next destination, in no less than 10'minutes, I am already seeing beautiful rock formations,blue green ohhh so damn clear water, and yeah you will be hearing all those amazing expressions and appreciation from us. 

who wouldn't be wowed by these breathtaking works of nature? 

 and the clear water just spell love.:)

Painted in different shades of blue,  these picturesque view offers more than a weekend sanctuary. I was speechless for a moment and tried to think if where we are,is this Palawan?GOD! beautiful creation! the place showcasing islets and karst formation. The water varies from emerald blue to clear to deep blue,I was crazy picking up another shade of blue ,I was thinking of what name should I give to a new color that I can create by these varieties of blue colors. :)

We marvel it’s beauty from our boat. the bus ride from Manila to Sorsogon and the boat ride from Matnog to this Island is worth'it!
Ok where still outside the paradise,but Jesus where like almost there! The scenery brings in a tranquilizing effect.Set against a natural rock formation as backdrop,the green-turquoise water must’ve been the result of the fusing of salt and fresh water.
 Wawoy gets aligaga on how to get a perfect shot.HAHA
 As the boatman maneuvered to the entrance of the cave,the four of us was ecstatic!
Ate belle is a self confess loser when we talk about swimming, glad I can swim kahit pano.haha Good thing, there's life-jacket available for us.
See that small opening? that we need to thread through to get inside the cave. the boatman accompany us as we wade through a cold, clear water. while inside the cave, the atmosphere's kinda eerie.or well maybe it's just me, coz my imagination runs wild with sea monsters as we swim. ohhmaygaaahd! HAHA
If  we are amazed by the beauty outside the cave, inside was equally amazing, it has its own mysterious beauty that will hit you. Almost in the middle of the cave, there's an opening above. I dunno, it maybe so simple, so natural, yet it has it's own way of saying that it added a certain kick in the place.
Another amazing sight inside the cave was quite creepy, weird huh, amazing yet creepy.haha According to our boatman it is called chamber, It is located at the left side of the cave. dark, cold and mysterious. what's captivating about it is there's a peeping  blue light coming from the outside, thus adding a life in a dark eerie place. wawoy wanted to explore the place, however the boatman did not allow him for some safety reason.(too bad, got no pic of it..tsk!)

As it goes nearer to the end of the cave, we just have to thread our way at the waist-deep high water.

At the far end of the opening of the cave lies a beautiful masterpiece! It zipped my mouth for a while, the scene itself was enough to calm myself – then I thought here I go again, silenced by the beautiful creation which never failed to amaze me.
Pag ahon namin mula sa paglangoy, para kaming na engkanto sa ganda sa loob!
Purple stones all over.

I said to myself that this is Matnog's best kept secret. The unadulterated, undisturbed, absolutely stunning and utterly peaceful Underwater lagoon. Actually, they have no name for the place,so Im planning to name it Yannah's paradise.HAHA kapalmuks me! =P

This is a perfect setting to lounge and wait for nightfall.I cannot even fathom if boredom is possible in this secret paradise. I am overjoyed, I just want to swim, take photos and marvel at how such beauty is so far away from Manila. I hope there will never come a time that it will not be as stunning as this.
clear waters, blue skies and great company in a paradise

As much as we want to stay,we need to leave 'coz first the tide is getting high and second we need to catch a bus back to Manila.
Other boats with tourist just passed by the Lagoon,they just marveled the beauty of the rock formations and the entance of the Lagoon from afar. I pity them 'coz they haven't seen the secret gem that Matnog has to offer. Wawoy and Kaloy's explanation about why these tourist didn't brave to enter the cave or even take a dip outside the cave: "kasi,nakabanlaw na sila,all set na,bihis na bihis na,ready na pauwi." which I think is true.

Going through all these pictures again, I can’t wait  to go back and experience some more island hopping adventures, perhaps on another weekend getaway with these LLantuagon's.

UnderWater Cave lagoon
This is included on the itinerary of Calintaan Island hopping in Matnog. ( see other posts)

Boat rental - P1,500
contact person: Kagawad Topher Hadap 09083308317


  1. wow ang ganda naman dito! ang cool tignan ng water! may contact ba na pwede mahingi like sa boatman or sa ngpapackage tour etc? salamat
    --> lulu

  2. Hi! yep meron kaming contact numbers. sorry wasnt able to include it here, il post it na lang. thanks for dropping by :)

  3. na inngit ako ng bongga. :)

  4. Llantuagons on the go.. =)